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Edmonds Police Foundation
P. O. Box 303
Edmonds, Washington 98020

July 23, 2015

247 EventsNW.com
Attn: Valerie Claypool

Dear Ms. Claypool 
On behalf of the Edmonds Police foundation I would like to thank you for your services. 
As you well know, The Edmonds Police Foundation directly supports the Edmonds Police Department by sponsoring the purchase of vital equipment and training. 
The Edmonds Police Foundation is generally funded by private donations and the occasional corporate sponsor. It was not until recently that we had considered the use of a fundraiser as a means to raise funds. Needless to say, the thought of planning, coordinating, and executing an event as large as a golf tournament was daunting. 
Your ability to accurately forecast every detail that was needed was very impressive. You precisely and realistically appraised our fiscal gross for the event. It is clear that you take pride and care in preparation of presentation and event coordination. The thoughtful, timely, and logistical tactfulness of your work undoubtedly illustrates the highest caliber of professionalism. 
I would like to thank you again for the outstanding service you provided the Edmonds Police Foundation in planning, coordinating, and executing our first annual golf tournament. 

Edmonds Police Foundation
Norman McLain, President

Edmonds Chamber of Commerce
121 5th Ave N, Edmonds, WA 98020

As Chairmen of the following events put on by the Chamber of Commerce -- 4th of July Parade; Taste of Edmonds; The David Stern Memorial Golf Tournament and The Edmonds Classic Car Show – we want to express our deep appreciation for Valerie Claypool, former Director of Membership and Events for the Edmonds Chamber of Commerce.
We sincerely appreciate the valuable working relationships and good will Valerie generated between the Chamber of Commerce and local businesses. She was highly successful in obtaining sponsorships for all of the above-named events as well as Halloween and Christmas Tree Lighting. Valerie also saw that each sponsor was publicly acknowledged and sincerely appreciated. As Chairmen, we were keenly aware of Valerie as a valuable resource and how much she brought to the table as an ally for all Chairmen and volunteers.
We worked with her side-by-side to produce the highest quality of entertainment and family fun for this community. Valerie is a woman of boundless energy; she was the first to arrive and often the last person to leave events, assuring that all the details were attended to and everything orderly and accounted for.  
Edmonds has a depth of volunteerism that is not equaled in other cities. We are deeply appreciative of Valerie’s talent to inspire volunteers to join with her in presenting events. As a consummate team player, combined with her strong work ethic and enthusiasm, she inspired both young and old to help her to accomplish whatever task was required to provide a quality event on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce.  
Valerie’s passion; dedication; loyalty and integrity are faultless and will follow her through life.

Darlene Stern, Chairman, 4th of July Parade
Ron Clyborne, Chairman The David Stern Memorial Golf Tournament
Jim Meisenburg, Chairman, Edmonds Classic Car Show
Craig Cook, Chairman, Taste of Edmonds